Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a trainer?
First join one of our membership tiers, even if it’s a single ride package. This will allow you to visit the booking system to select your day and time and reserve your spot!
What do I need to bring to start?
You will need your bike, water, a towel, and anything else you would normally bring on a ride.
What should I wear?
Wear clothes that are comfortable for cycling. Whether that is padded shorts and a cycling jersey, or regular workout clothes, whatever works for you!
How is this different from a spin class or peloton?
Our studio does NOT have stationary spin bikes, you must bring your own bike to ride. The rides are also more realistic road rides rather than rides set to music or interval/HIIT training, though some rides may incorporate these styles of riding.
What if I have never tried riding on a rocking platform before?
Sign up for a single, introductory ride to begin to learn!
Do I need my own bike?
Yes, our studio does not provide bikes, only the E-FLEX PLUS rocking platform direct drive trainer.