Who We Are

Meet the team that wants to change the way you train

After befriending one another at their local spin class, Ali and John quickly realized they shared a competitive drive and a love for cycling. From there, these two went on to become avid road cyclists, never missing a chance to grab their bikes and hit the road. Since then, Ali and John have continuously sought opportunities to elevate their cycling skills, and now they want to bring you along for the ride!
Ali Umstead, a former Division 1 lacrosse standout at La Salle University and lifelong fitness enthusiast, is fueled by her competitive spirit and the discipline honed from competing at the highest collegiate level. Beyond the field, Ali's passion flourishes on the open road as an avid road cyclist, embodying the same determination and tenacity that characterized her athletic career. Her narrative intertwines athleticism, a passion for data, and an unwavering love for cycling, culminating in her co-founding Attack Cycle Lab.
John Muchai is a seasoned fitness training coach with a passion for running marathons and cycling. With years of experience, Muchai is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their fitness goals and conquer new challenges. As a certified coach, Muchai exudes passion and possesses the ability to inspire athletes across all fitness levels. He believes, "My greatest asset isn't my physical prowess, but rather my mental fortitude," and it is with this mindset that he co-founded Attack Cycle Lab.